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Meet Our Team

Ms. Liz


Graduated from SUNY Stony Brook in 1988 with a BA in Psychology and a concentration in Child and Family Studies. Wife to Mr. Roy and proud mother of two wonderful children, Evan and Evonne, Ms. Liz moved to North Carolina to follow Mr. Roy.  Here they formed a family together where she made the most important decision of her life, to live for Jesus.  After many years of experience in the private sector of Christian Education and the honor of home-schooling their children, Ms. Liz was blessed with God’s favor of leading pre-school children.  She enjoys each and every morning as she greets our children and parents.  Ms. Liz enjoys reading and teaching God’s word and looks forward to leading bible studies and parenting classes  in the afternoon on Creative Care’s campus.

Ami Leech
Assistant Director

Evan A. Meyreles

Evonne M. Meyreles

Maggie Rodriguez
Lead Younger Two’s

Linda Davis
Lead Older Two’s

AnnMarie Ginocchio
Lead Younger Three’s

Karen Yanes
Lead Older Threes’s

Teresa Simers
Lead Older Three’s

Barbara Sobota
Lead Transitional Kindergarten

Joanne Saulsberry
Assistant Teacher

Sierra Simers
PE Teacher