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Back to School Jitters

These days, I’m not sure I know who’s more nervous, me or them? The back to school jitters are everywhere. Some kids have already gone back to school, for my kids it is next week. With the day just around the corner, I can’t help but feel so nervous for them. After doing some thought and having some conversations with Miss Izabella, here are my top reasons why kids would be nervous about going back to school and how I think you could help them. New School: Being new to the group makes even the most confident person nervous. If your child is going to a new school this year be sure to give your child space to figure out how that makes them feel while asking open ended questions like, “What makes you feel that way?” Academic Challenges: A new grade will bring on new challenges. Be sure to be a support for your child and continue to encourage them. Help them to be organized and set a time in your routine to sit with them and help them along the way. Also plan to attend parent teacher conferences to allow working as a team with your child’s teacher. Social Worries: Making new friends is never easy. If you find that your child is not thriving socially, encourage them to explore the opportunity of becoming the friend of someone that is new to the school. In addition, you  may want to consider extra curricular activities or a hobby that will give them a chance to form friendships with other children that have a common interest. Be supportive: Every child reacts differently to...